Maneuvers in the Dark

Almost all of the streets of the North Korean capital Pyongyang lack lighting in the evening and all appear deserted. At least at first sight. After a while, dark contours emerge in the streets – people walking home, quietly talking, smoking.

Since the city itself barely exude any light, the stars shine brighter here than in any other place in the world. The biggest garment company in the country said no to working with us. The biggest mining company said yes.

Welcome to Maneuvers In The Dark, the first chapter of Noko Jeans. Two and a half years in the making, here they are: the first 1100 jeans made in North Korea. Two models available — the Kara slim fit and Oke loose fit.

(Soon therell be more images here. And a movie. Etc.)

Check out KARA and OKE at Flickr


Kara and Oke are both based on our story; what we’ve experienced, seen and done. Below are a handful of the story fragments present in the jeans. Click a detail to learn its significance.

1) Hidden here is a NUMBERED AMULET, that you can either choose to keep in place, or cut open. The amulet can also be used as a BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE.