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An introduction to Noko Jeans!

Noko Jeans is jeans from North Korea. Our story told through jeans. Welcome.

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Sometimes significant, sometimes not:
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Try the pants on WWW


Right now were hosting a competition with our friends Looklet on, well, Looklet, where the participants were instructed to style their model backwards. Simple as that. The background is from a favorite, mind-smelting glass pattern we found in Pyongyang this summer. Anyway, the final nominees are now chosen and its up to you to choose the best one.

Looklet is an online styling studio that lets you put together full outfits on virtual models. If you want to try our pants on one of those digital girls, then head over to or simply start from the Kara Oke models avaliable on the site.

Next up: Copenhagen


We brought the best parts of the Museum with us to Gallery Int. Fashion Fair this weekend.

If you are in town, stop by and lets say HELLO to each other!


Some images below. More available at Flickr. For directions, opening hours and live feed, head over to

(Not present is the worlds first (we think) marbled sofa. Hans-Yngve made it today. Its..)


Were currently working hard with getting more fragments from our story up online — the PAST section that now is empty. Until everything is done and on the lines, heres a small part from our previous process blog, summer of 2008

It was a blessing. It was like visiting someone’s parent, who had once, maybe six years ago, seen a picture of a hamburger, and was now asked to re-create it. But where memory might have failed, competence reigned supreme. Since there is no import of burger bread, seasoning, etc, [or was, at this place] everything was made from scratch. No Heinz cheating or HP Sauce shortcuts. Only handcrafted bliss.


Some of youve been asking about moar images of our two models Kara Slim Fit and Oke Loose Fit. Well, here you go, an early christmas gift: FOUR EXTRA IMAGES!

Kara Slim Fit, front and back

Kara Slim Fit is a little bit more tight, has a high waist, and has a fit that makes your butt look great. Our wonderful friend Agnes in these images wears a pair that is some sizes too big; you can wear them tighter or looser, you can wear them however you want!

Oke Loose Fit, back and front

Oke Loose Fit is more baggy, and has a regular waist and a drop-crotch.

Both models fits true to size.


Its true! This Saturday, December 19th, we re-open our Museum. This time completely on our own and on Södermalm, Stockholm. The address will be Vartoftagatan 47, around the corner of department store (!) Skrapan, close to Medborgarplatsen subway station. Our opening hours will be Tuesday — Friday, 11 19 and Saturdays 12 16. And sometimes a bit more odd hours; the Museum will also be from where we work. Itll be around until early February, when it will leave Stockholm to travel north. Or abroad. Well see.

Wed love to show you some images but we cant; were building it RIGHT NOW. We promise to have more stuff about the Museum online before Saturday though. And if youre in town, please drop by!

If you want to scout the area beforehand, heres a Goggles Map for you:

Noko Jeans on BBC World News

Someone from the WWW uploaded the BBC World News coverage on Noko Jeans last week.


With every pair of jeans comes this: a individually stamped introduction to the first chapter of Noko Jeans. Nota bene: easily removed, leaving only a tiny beige durango backpatch with the Noko Jeans logo stamped on.


Were back online, as is the possibility to e-mail us. Weve improved the SHOP a little bit — more images and even better everything online soon — as well as added some small fragments in the JEANS section. Tomorrow night well be finished with a movie explaining those aspects of the jeans in more detail. In glorious HD, of course.

Other than that, we just looked at a space that might be perfect for the re-opening of our Museum. Well get back to you on that very shortly. Were also, soon of course, adding some more (much requested) images of the jeans here. The Family section, for our customers and BFFs, will go online soon too. And last, but in no way least, the PAST section is still echoing of silence. But dont worry. Were working on that too.

OK, enough of soon, shortly, etc. Heres an interview we did with Refinery 29 that we forgot to post. And heres the jeans:

Check out KARA and OKE at Flickr


We just wanted to tell you that our webshop is ONLINE. The shop is open to almost anyone in the world who wants to buy. However for those who are from USA, please read carefully before pressing the buy button.

Noko Jeans comes in two models; Kara Slim Fit and Oke Loose Fit. All the details on both models are literal and/or symbolical interpretations of our experiences in North Korea.

Our website will be updated in the coming days with more images and of course more of our story present.

Thank YOU.

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