Noko Jeans Museum

The Noko Jeans Museum is our physical store and space in Stockholm. Scroll down for opening hours, location and more.

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The Noko Jeans Museum is our own physical store and space. Its located at Vartoftagatan 47, close to Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm, Sweden. We call it a museum as it is much more than just a store: we sell the jeans, but we also show more of the story they carry. Open from December 19th to early February, 2010.

A lot of fun, weird and exciting stuff will happen there during January. If you read all the way here, youll most likely be invited to that. Remember: your smile is the eternal pursuit of Noko Jeans.

Click here to read about the failed relationship between Noko Jeans and PUB

The Noko Jeans Museum was closed by PUB, December 4t. The store barely had the chance to open before it was shut down by the management and a safety guard, shielding the space from curious customers and press, was put in its place. You can read more about that in The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post or look at the segment from BBC. And so forth.

Opening Hours

Our store and museum is open:

Tuesday — Friday, 11 — 19
Saturdays, 11 — 16
Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Sometimes open weird hours, please see below for current status.


The address is Vartoftagatan 47, just around the corner of the department store "Skrapan", in Stockholm, Sweden. Closest subway is Medborgarplatsen. Click here for Google Maps.

Is the museum open right now?


The quickest way to know if we're open is to go here. Somethimes we're open strange hours: the Museum is also from where we work.

When does the museum close and move on?


The Museum is now closed and won't be back in Stockholm for a while. It will, however, soon branch out and pop up on other places. We will keep you informed.